Travel Insurance

What is it?

Normally when I talk about travel insurance I mean the emergency medical coverage. When you are travelling, if something goes wrong, it’s not as easy as heading to the nearest medi-centre or hospital, getting treated, and not paying anything. You may need to pay to see a doctor. Or you may end up with a large medical bill. Some costs may be reimbursed by your provincial healthcare. But this coverage is limited. Especially if you are travelling in the USA costs for fairly minor medical problems can quickly become thousands of dollars. Plus if you have something serious, need a hospital stay, or an air ambulance it can be hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Luckily, this type of travel insurance is very affordable.

Depending on your age, a week in Canada can be under $20 per person; a week in the USA can be under $30.

There are also extra travel insurance items you can purchase, such as trip cancellation, baggage protection, rental car protection, and accidental death and dismemberment.

Many people don’t think much about travel insurance. Afterall, claims are relatively rare, the insurance is cheap, and often included with credit cards or health and dental benefits. However, most people don’t read the full policy wordings. There are always reasons that claims might be denied. I can help you compare your options and decide what level of risk is acceptable to you. Me, I’d rather have extra insurance, than have a claim denied because of a little clause that happened to be relevant to my situation.