Google Suite Basic Training

Google Suite offers a range of cloud-based products that can assist with productivity while in the office or on the go. In this basic training, learn about using Google Drive, Gmail, Hangouts, Google Docs, Sheets, Forms and Slides.

During your session, you can choose which area you wish to focus on in detail, or we can do a brief overview of each area.

Google Suite Coaching Service


Google Drive

Learn about managing files and folders to set up a system that works you. Learn how to navigate that system to find files quickly and how to manage permissions and sharing. Set up your drive so that it suits your needs by changing displays and settings.


Personalizing settings. Managing your inbox including features like filters, multiple inboxes, searching and sorting messages. Managing and communicating with contacts and learn how to use Gmail offline.


Setting up hangouts and managing sound and video bandwidth. Learn how hangouts can streamline meetings.

Google Docs

Setting up pages and managing collaborations and sharing. Using content management tools and tools for customizing text, blocks, non-text elements and tables.

Google Sheets

Setting up sheets and managing collaborations and sharing. Formatting sheets and cells, inserting non-text elements, using functions and managing and transforming data using features like conditional formatting, filters and filter views.

Google Forms

Creating your form and customizing question types, sections and section settings (skipping sections or adding sections based on responses). Choosing settings and previewing your form. Sending your form including methods and how to pause or stop collection. Analyzing responses and printing forms.

Google Slides

Building a presentation. Working with text and non-text elements and objects. Sharing presentations.

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