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Betty Wedman

Certified Life Coach


Betty Wedman is a Certified Life Coach in the area of Health and Wellness and has taken training in Cognitive Behaviour as well as Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training.  She has over 8 years experience and has spoken at schools, community groups, churches and conferences.

Betty’s Philosophy

Nothing is more powerful than sharing our truth and some of our experiences.  I believe that when we share our experiences, we learn, grow, heal and can support one another.

Feelings/Emotions Workshop

Emotions have wisdom; they are here to tell you something. Releasing emotions is a way to heal and let go of your burdens or baggage. Somewhere along the line, we were told in a variety of ways that showing emotions was wrong or bad. We were told to stop; or we were called a baby; or we were supposed to be tough; or to grow up; or stop crying or I will give you something to cry about!

Many of society’s problems and much individual suffering is the result of unexpressed feelings. Come prepared to do some journaling and have an open discussion. It will be a safe and confidential space to share your thoughts and experiences and to let go of your burdens or baggage.

Coffee, tea, pop, water will be provided.

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Forgiveness Workshop

We can’t erase our memory banks of some horrible event, can we? We may not forget the situation, but we can let go. We are human and have faults and make mistakes. It is important that we also forgive ourselves. Forgiveness needs to be a continuous practice. When we hold on to unforgiving thoughts, we are actually choosing to suffer. Through forgiveness we bring happiness to our life.

Bring your journal, be prepared for conversation and sharing your own experiences. This is a safe, non-judgmental space to discuss this often-difficult topic.

Coffee, tea, pop, water will be provided.

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  • Openly sharing thoughts and feelings can be intimidating at first but doing so opens up communication. Sharing our feelings helps us build relationships based on trust and respect.

  • It was energizing and felt connected when I shared a bit of myself with others.

  • I thought this was a powerful session and the personal stories of inspiring ideas paired with the ideas of responsibility in our actions was an effective way to present this food for thought… definitely makes us consider how to reach out and connect with others.

  • I want to thank you so much for having the courage and strength to share your story. You certainly are “being the change you want to see in the world” and you have inspired me to do the same.

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